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Dr Hector Nazario discusses the dangers of Intermittent Fasting

The New Eating Strategy – Intermittent Fasting: Is It Right For You?


As each new year begins, many people across the nation renew their focus on their diet and exercise plans.  While some set typical goals for getting back in the gym, others look for … read more

Dr. Dominguez interviewed by CBS 11 about the Zika Virus as a Sexually Transmitted Disease

Dr. Dominguez Weighs in on the Zika Virus as a Sexually Transmitted Disease


While the Zika virus is garnering international concern, with the CDC having issued travel alerts for 14 countries and territories, it has now hit very close to home with two cases right here in … read more


New Study on the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C in Dialysis Patients by The Liver Institute is Highlighted at International Liver Congress


Once again, The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas is able to demonstrate its place at the forefront in the treatment and management of liver disease. In April 2015, at the International Liver Congress … read more

Dr. Mantry discusses President Carter's Liver Diagnosis with Fox 4 News

Dr. Parvez Mantry of Methodist Dallas Responds to Former President Jimmy Carter’s Liver Cancer Diagnosis on Fox 4 News


Following former President Jimmy Carter’s recent diagnosis of liver cancer, Dr. Parvez Mantry, Medical Director for The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas, had the pleasure of speaking with Fox 4 News to give … read more

Dr. Edward Dominguez's take on the Ebola Infectious Disease

The Truth about Ebola – Dr. Edward Dominguez’s Take On This Infectious Disease


With all of the widely publicized and media-hyped health concerns across the world today, it is important for communities to have access to resources providing accurate health information. Me & My Doctor answers … read more